At what age can you drive a kart?

It all depends on the karts available at each kart track. Here at DINOKART we have karts for children from 1.30m as it is important to get to the pedals and be comfortable so the child can do a test before getting on track. Because not all little ones are prepared.

What karts are these for the little ones?

Karts for children are equipped with 120cc 4-stroke engines with speed limitation. Don’t worry, your little rider won’t get on track at full speed until he’s ready to drive the kart. We take care of him / her!

What do I have to do to go karting?

The main thing is to come to us. We explain everything you need to know to drive a kart. You only have to purchase your ticket in our facilities. It’s very simple!

Is reservation required?

Individual rental does not require appointment. Just buy your ticket and wait for your turn. Only races (individual events or group events) require reservation.

Is it necessary to bring some specific clothing?

Bring closed clothing and comfortable shoes, as it is not allowed to drive karts with flip flops. Scarves are not allowed, as are open jackets.

What is the minimum number of people to drive?

For individual rental there is no minimum number. You can come have fun alone. For Individual Events, a minimum of 10 participants is required.

What karts do you have?

We have the aforementioned karts for children with 120cc 4 stroke engines.
For adults we have the 200cc Dino Karts (4 stroke) and the 270cc Sodi (4 stroke).

Are the laps timed?

We have a Tag Heuer system that schedules all rentals. In the end you can consult your times.

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